Key IoT trends and predictions for 2019

Key IoT trends and predictions for 2019

IoT has been a top trend for some time now. The technology has disrupted practically every single industry over the last decade, from security and banking to transportation.

There are many Internet of Things benefits we enjoy today that are only going to get bigger and better, transforming the way we work, live, and move around in society. Let’s take a look at the current state of IoT along with some of the trends we’ll be experiencing this year and what they all mean for the future of connected technology.

IoT trends and challenges

Internet of Things trends that were just starting to gain popularity in 2018 will explode in the coming year. Smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home Assistant will become as common in households as televisions.

A recent survey from NPR and Edison Research revealed that one in 10 consumers received a smart home speaker over the 2018 holiday season. That marks a 78% growth from the previous year and resulted in approximately 119 million units now in circulation in the United States alone.

Voice-activated devices will not just stay in the home, either. More and more automobiles are being designed with voice command capabilities, allowing drivers to continue their conversations with Alexa or Google inside their cars as well. Look for more advances in voice recognition IoT devices in other areas, such as building access, banking transactions, and in the retail and ecommerce space.

IoT challenges: Security, privacy, connectivity

The biggest challenge for IoT in 2019 is security. With all of the security breaches over the last years, consumers are demanding that technology companies place a greater emphasis on securing their sensitive personal data. It’s not only the devices themselves that need to have the highest levels of protection, but also the entire surrounding networks. The concern for privacy and security also leads to regulation challenges.

Another issue is speed and connectivity. With the increased number of devices comes an increased strain on the network, which can hinder the speed of an app or a product’s response time. Advancements in 5G will certainly help, but finding a way to improve the infrastructure of the entire IoT network and preparing it for even heavier future traffic is imperative.

Here’s how the Internet of Things will affect other industries as well in 2019.

IoT trends in manufacturing: More products, more safety, more transparency

The biggest trend for the Internet of Things in manufacturing will simply be the demand for more connected devices. There will be a push for all new products to be “smart” products. More homes will become smart homes. Major metropolitan areas and smaller cities alike will continue to implement smart technology in the form of sensors, security cameras, and energy-efficient buildings.

Sensor technology will allow for higher safety standards and confidence in food and medicine storage and delivery. Warehouses will be able to become more accurately climate-controlled by zones. Sensors will also enhance inventory supply chains, notifying manufacturers when a product is low in stock and even automatically re-ordering.

Delivery and tracking of manufactured products will also become more dependent on IoT capability. Businesses and consumers will be able to get real-time information and updates on their orders throughout the entire delivery process. Plus, consumers concerned with exactly where their products are coming from will be more confident in their purchases with the added transparency of an IoT-enabled supply chain.

IoT trends in healthcare: Democratizing the doctor’s office

According to Aruba Networks, 60% of healthcare organizations globally are currently using IoT devices. This number is expected to rise dramatically in 2019, as healthcare continues to become more and more democratized. Consumers are now foregoing expensive trips to the doctor or emergency room in favor of mobile apps that allow for virtual doctor visits.

IoT is also helping to solve another healthcare headache, which is the handling and processing of medical data paperwork. The age-old practice of doctors scribbling notes on a patient’s chart that have to be deciphered by other medical personnel is now replaced by entering information into an iPad or other mobile device. This data is instantly uploaded to a secure network that allows for faster access and more precise diagnosis and treatment plans.

Healthcare wearables will also see an increase in demand, and not just for fitness tracking. Glucose monitoring for diabetics and heart monitors for at-risk patients are improving the quality of life for millions of people.

IoT trends in the automotive industry: Safe, connected, convenient

In addition to voice-activated technology mentioned previously, the automotive industry will further capitalize on IoT-enhanced diagnostic and maintenance applications. In 2019, the added element of artificial intelligence will make smart cars even smarter, allowing them to actually alert the driver way before a breakdown occurs or costly repairs are needed.

Ride-sharing apps such as Uber and Lyft will continue to grow in popularity as GPS technology combined with big data and AI will improve the overall customer experience. And self-driving cars, which had a bit of a setback in 2018 due to some highly-publicized malfunctions, will see an increase in development, testing, production and use.

Speaking of GPS, parents are already using IoT connected devices in cars to monitor their children’s driving habits and prevent them from doing things like texting while driving. Auto insurance agencies are utilizing IoT tracking in cars to give their customers discounts based on good driving habits. (Look for this trend to pop-up in the medical insurance industry as well, with providers offering discounts based on data received from fitness and wellness monitors.)

Internet of Things trends in education: Engagement and efficiencies

Augmented and virtual reality headsets and apps will be more in demand in the classroom in 2019. Educators are using the technology to enhance the learning experience and provide an environment in which students can actually feel like they are a part of history.

The use of IoT devices is allowing teachers to form smarter lesson plans that are truly interactive. From virtual museum tours to books and characters that come to life to tell their stories, new methods for engaging students and holding their attention are having a dramatic effect in education. Gamification will also continue to play a big role, especially in mobile device apps for younger pre-K and elementary students.

As mentioned previously with medical records, IoT technology is also transforming how schools are handling curriculum and student transcripts. Some schools are even implementing blockchain technology along with the use of IoT devices to record student credits and even to issue diplomas.

Concern for security on school campuses is at an all-time high, so the use of sensor-technology combined with digital cameras and monitoring applications is another way IoT is having an impact in education.

Final thoughts

IoT technology trends are constantly changing and advancing, but the one common thread running through all of them is the desire to improve everyone’s quality of life. Whether it’s making your morning commute faster or helping you to stay healthy, the Internet of Things is constantly there, working behind the scenes of your everyday life to make things a little easier.

As for IoT trends 2020? Stay tuned! iTechArt keeps up-to-date with all the latest technology news and is ready for anything 2019 and the years to come throw our way.

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